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car. [Apr. 28th, 2005|11:41 pm]
I love my car, more than words can explain and it really brings me to tears (yes, really) that I am getting rid of her. Penelope (yah. i name my cars okay...) has been with me for many many years and we have gone many places. We have gone to Canada, we have gone CROSS freakin country together. down south, up north, to the beach, to the city, everywhere. And, now as I start a new chapter in my life I need a car with 4 doors. It's as simple as that. So, in a few days I will be saying goodbye to her.

I'm going to cry when they take her..I love her.

Oh yea, I should explain. I bought a 4 door tonight, so I must say goodbye to my coupe with leather for my 4 door (same year - 1996) with cloth interior and goodbye to my swank moonroof for an aftermarket sunroof and yea. I'm sad but this is necessary.

From: afroqueen
2005-04-29 04:09 am (UTC)
awww. this entry was adorable!
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From: bookgirl27
2005-04-29 03:27 pm (UTC)
I think you'll be glad in the end though because putting a baby in a 2-door is a son of a bitch!
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